Monday, 14 October 2013

Attention to detail . . .

Professional Personalised Cake Toppers 

Your wedding day, you have planned this for months, every detail is covered and you are ready to rejoice in your love … you have the two of you in tiny plastic form for the top of the cake, but hold on those little generic plastic figures look nothing like either of you… How do you feel about that ??.... Personally, this just wont do, I love attention to detail and I want me and my man on our cake!

We stubbled upon these breath takingly accurate personalised cake toppers online and just had to find out more about the designer and creator. 

Erin tell us how did you get into starting Hell in a handbag?

I’ve been crafting in some form or another since I could hold scissors.  I would make gifts for family and friends, then started getting requests to sell items.  I popped some of my goodies up online and I was thrilled to see they actually generated some interest.  I’ve been growing my little business ever since.

What was the inspiration for your business name?

One of my biggest sellers used to be custom hand painted bags and purses... the name just kinda fell into place.

How long have you been doing this for now?

Seems like forever, but a little more professionally for the last 12 years or so.

What has been your most challenging order so far, and why?

I think the most challenging, well, definitely the most nerve–racking was the piece I did that was for a bit on the “WE” tv show Bridezillas.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that show, but the day I signed the release forms I watched a marathon and it was absolutely horrifying. Fortunately the bride was happy with it, and I was just thrilled to get a shot of one of my toppers on television....
Cristal & Corey the loving couple
The starting point ...

Erin's attention to detail is incredible 

For more incredible pictures on the transformation of this cake topper please visit

What has been your Favourite order to date, and why? 

Ooh, that’s a tough one.  I had a lot of fun making the hula doll couple... , but I think the one that came out closest-looking to the actual couple was this one...
Have you made any toppers for any stars? 

No stars yet!

Who would you most like to make a customised topper for, and why?

Anyone who challenges me to do something a little different.  That’s when I have fun.

How long do you require to make these stunning pieces so accurate?

They can take several weeks to complete, *working many hours into the night* and with shipping times can take a couple of months altogether

What advice would you give to a couple looking for a unique topper from you?

Send as much info as possible.  I try to capture the couples’ personalities as well as duplicate their tattoos and wedding details.

Here are a random selection of outstanding cake toppers and their couples...

Michele & Jason 

Magenta & Ross

What outstanding details again, we just LOVE your work Erin!! 

Now don't go thinking this amazing custom service is just for those of us who are inked... oh no... what ever the couple what ever your style Erin can customise the perfect mini toppers!

Want to see what other amaxzing stuff Erin is up to? 
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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Tattooed Brides

Every day in the UK, tattooed brides merrily make their way up the aisle. Love tattoos or hate them, there is no escaping the fact that some of the nation’s most beautiful brides now proudly display their inking's whilst exchanging vows.
But it seems tattooed brides are a controversial lot, with many people finding the image of an ink-dappled bride distasteful and others suggesting the very nature of tattoos conflicts with what is considered ‘traditional’ wedding attire.
Whatever your opinion, this post will discuss the pros and cons surrounding brides who opt to show off their tattoos on their wedding day - maybe even shedding light on the reasons behind common negative perceptions.

“My favourite tattoo is a symbol of the love and unity that exists within my family unit. I had it on display especially for my wedding day” (Lisa, tattooed bride married in 2000).
Like Lisa, many brides intentionally choose to wear a wedding dress that shows off their tattoos. As any tattoo aficionado will readily tell you, their choice of ink is often inspired by heartfelt emotions that deserve permanent inscription. But there are those who, for whatever reason, find the very notion of a tattooed bride unattractive. So what are the most common arguments against displaying tattoos on your wedding day?

Picture by Loraine Ross

“If my nan had been alive on my wedding day, I think I would have covered up my tattoos” (Ellie, tattooed bride married in 2013).
Some people view tattooed brides as unconventional and therefore unattractive. At the risk of generalising, it seems many who regard tattooed brides with an air of mild (or harsh) judgement are from a more traditional era. Although tattoos have been popular within our culture for many years, tattooed brides seem to have become more prevalent in recent times and could reflect a change in our cultural perceptions of ‘the norm’.
The fact is, tattoos are easier to go and ‘get’ these days, with modern hygiene practices and innovative techniques all contributing to the number of people getting inked and the number of tattooed brides walking up the aisle. So, although Nan might not approve of your decision to show off your celtic inspired inking when exchanging vows, you can pretty much guarantee it’s only because in her day, most brides simply didn’t have tattoos ready to show off!.

“I can think of few worse fates than walking around for the rest of one’s life wearing a typo” (Anne Fadiman, Author)
Even today, many people view tattooed brides as somehow not elegant, not stylish and certainly not classy. They seem to believe that a truly ‘blushing bride’ would never show off her tattoos because it just isn’t ‘pretty’. Without intentionally infuriating any tattooed brides reading this, we are going to suggest there is an element of truth to this perception. Before you ring us up to shout, allow us to explain…
Anyone with a tattoo will agree that not all tattoos are created equally well. Some are brilliant examples of artistic technique – and some are clumsily scrawled, youth-inspired mementos of time spent in a dodgy tattoo parlour.  We know of one bride who had K I L L E R tattooed across her knuckles in large, black letters. Acquired with pride on her 18th birthday, at the age of 28 she got engaged – and immediately began laser treatment to have the offending ink removed. Would she have looked as lovely in her wedding dress with the tattoo on display? Probably – but she would also have found it painfully embarrassing explaining to her new husband’s friends and family that she was never, in fact, a KILLER and loved nothing more than curling up with a good book and a cup of tea. You get our point.
Mementos of mis-spent youth aside, there are still a great many people who absolutely love the look of a tattooed bride. Whether a bride is heavily inked or more subtly tattooed, it has to be said that most tattooed brides look simply stunning on their big day. What is their secret and why should we admire brides who show off their ink with pride?

“My tattoos are part of me. Why would I want to hide them?” (Hayley, Tattooed bride married in 2003)
We like Hayley’s way of thinking. Many people have tattoos of real sentimental and aesthetic value, incorporating beautiful designs and clever tattooing techniques.  A wedding can provide the perfect opportunity to display these images to a whole host of people who might otherwise never get the opportunity to see them. At once providing a topic of conversation and an (often) touching tribute, brides who display their ink are really giving their nearest and dearest an insight into their life and emotions – and who can argue with that?

Picture by Allebach Photography

“Fashion changes but style endures” (Coco Chanel)
Let’s face it. Tattoos are cool. Some wedding dresses actually look like they have been designed with a tattooed bride in mind. That gorgeous vintage number with a plunging neckline? It would look fabulous teamed with a slick of red lipstick and a cleavage etched in crimson roses. It’s true – as much as many tattooed brides have an air of style about them that perfectly reflects their personality, many wedding dresses seem to be crying out for an ink loving model. We have seen hundreds of tattooed brides and we know they are all stylish, elegant and unique – and we admire them all equally.

Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it” (Bernard Meltzer)
Whatever your opinion of tattooed brides, one certainty remains clear. The single element which makes each and every bride truly radiant is not her tattoos (or lack thereof). Neither is it her dress, her flowers, or her hair. The truth is, the only adornment necessary for any bride to appear dazzlingly beautiful on her wedding day is happiness.  At Second Skin Events, we believe every bride is stunning, tattooed or otherwise. We love tattoos as much as we love weddings and we hope this blog post has provided you with some food for thought. We welcome your questions and comments, and relish discussions relating to bridal tattoos, weddings, cultural assumptions (or any other topics you deem worthy of attention).  Remember – we are all individuals - but perhaps some are slightly more individual than others.